Types of Works

In addition to standard services, IE “Sapaly yollar” provides translation of audio files from media. This is a relatively new service that has gained particular popularity with the development of Internet communications and the introduction of information technology in many areas of life.

It is generally accepted that this category of work is one of the most difficult and time consuming. Indeed, in order to accurately translate an audio track, the performer must be a real professional. Excellent listening skills are required, the ability to correctly interpret the material with which you have to work. For a translator, this is quite painstaking work. In "Sapaly yollar" Translation Center you can order inexpensively the service of decryption from the majority of Eastern and European languages.


What is the audio translation procedure

We work with different types of media:

ü  audio cassettes;

ü  CD / DVD;

ü  audio files of any format;

ü  online videos.

Usually these are a variety of speeches, presentations, quite often transcription of audio lessons is required.

What is meant by video translation

In this category, most often you come across commercials, presentations, films, including animated ones. Are you looking for a contractor who can perform all the service procedures for working with audio and video files? Our Center is ready to provide a full range of services, including:

ü  voice acting by professional announcers;

ü  overlaying subtitles;

ü  indication of time intervals (timecodes).

Please contact us to resolve many issues related to translations and secretarial services. It's very simple: you send an application, we will call you back.

“Sapaly yollar” Translation Center: you simply will not find a better and low-cost translation of audio/video recordings!

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