Types of Works

In "Sapaly yollar" Translation Center you can order a technical translation of texts on a variety of topics. This service is used by people associated with the work of industrial, manufacturing and other enterprises, which, due to their activities, constantly cooperate with other companies around the world.

The specialists of our center can offer high-quality technical translation from English and many other languages ​​(in total, we work in 20 different areas). With regard to this category of work, for its implementation we use our most qualified personnel. Competent specialists from both the technical and linguistic sides will be involved in solving the problem. Due to this approach, the quality of the service also increases.


Technical translations: which arias we work with?

"Sapaly yollar" IE covers a fairly wide range of activities of various companies. The special knowledge possessed by the staff of our bureau allows for high-quality translation in the following areas:

ü  engineering;

ü  light and heavy industry;

ü  production of aviation equipment;


The service of professional technical translation is quite widely demanded when it comes to:

ü  oil industry;

ü  enterprises related to energy and gas supplies;

ü  construction.


Technical translations from English into Russian of various medical documents are also in demand. In all areas of science - chemistry, mathematics, physics and others - one also constantly have to face the need to adapt one or another text for perception by foreign persons.

In other words, when translating technical documentation, work is carried out with.

ü  operating instructions for users;

ü  reports, presentations, abstracts;

ü  plans of engineering communications;

ü  drawings, specifications and diagrams;

ü  various patent documents;

ü  technical conditions.


Specialized knowledge in any of the above areas allows "Sapaly yollar" IE staff to work quickly and efficiently on tasks of any complexity.

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