Types of Works

For individuals

ü  medical history, discharge epicrisis (extracts and other personal medical documents)

ü  results of analyzes, research, forensic medical examination and autopsies

ü  conclusion of medical experts

ü  extracts from the medical history

ü  medical certificates

ü  clinical researches

ü  doctor's prescription

ü  insurance claims


For organizations

ü  descriptions of the characteristics of medicines, materials and equipment

ü  instructions for the use of drugs, certificates of conformity

ü  clinical trial protocols

ü  material safety certificates

ü  instructions for the use of drugs

ü  marketing materials

ü  medical and pharmaceutical articles

ü  equipment instructions

ü  brochures and software for nursing staff

ü  patent documents and much more

The most complex and specific section of linguistics is medical translation. Since the information contained in the documents concerns the health and further well-being of the patient, such work requires not only language skills, but also knowledge of modern professional terminology and definitions.

"Sapaly yollar" IE has extensive experience with professional medical translations. We employ specialists who have specialized education.

Ones turn to our Translation Center for help when they are going to go abroad for treatment, want to get advice, establish cooperation with medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies, supply equipment, etc. In addition, our specialists successfully work with scientific dissertations, reports and articles.

Remember, even a seemingly insignificant mistake of a medical translator can entail serious risks to the life and health of a particular person. At the same time, most of the documents of the healthcare system are complex and require rich knowledge in this area. Our specialists work in strict accordance with the original, avoiding inaccuracies and distortions of concepts and term.

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