Types of Works

The experience of our company allows us to effectively solve any problems in a short time.

ü  Translation of powers of attorney and certificates

Translation of powers of attorney and certificates is a complex procedure that must be performed strictly in accordance with the legislation of the country where the documentation will be used. When translating, it is important to accurately convey terms and maintain the original form of the document. We involve exclusively professionals in legal translations, proven by long and successful cooperation. We are also ready to take care of the certification of the documentation and give it legal force for use abroad.

ü  Translation of laws and other regulations

We carefully monitor that legal translators improve their knowledge, study the history of changes in legislation and expand the legal glossary. Laws and regulations are documents of a high level of complexity, since even the slightest mistake in adaptation can lead to extreme consequences. "Sapaly yollar" Translation Center has formed a reliable team of specialists who will not only translate the document, but also check it at several stages.

ü  Translation of contracts and agreements

When it comes to business deals or investment attraction, there is no time for fixes. Usually the financial result and reputation of the client depends on the speed and accuracy of translation of contracts and agreements. We consider the specifics of the field; therefore, we provide translation documentation exclusively to experienced translators. We guarantee that the translation will also be checked by editors and proofreaders in order to avoid mistakes in the final result.

ü  Translation of constituent documents of the company

We regularly translate statutes for companies whose goal is to enter the international market and start cooperation with foreign partners. Our specialists are well versed in legal and financial intricacies. We value our long-term reputation and the reputation of our clients, which means we can safely guarantee the work of the highest level.

ü  Judicial translation

In "Sapaly yollar" Translation Center you can order translation of court documents into the language you need. We guarantee that the legal translation will be performed by a professional linguist with specialized education and experience in legal translation.

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