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Interpretation services

Interpretation is used at any international meeting. A professional linguist should not only possess linguistic knowledge, but also be able to interact with the audience, orientate when the situation changes. Each of the journalists or listeners present at the meeting can interrupt the speaker with a question or clarification. A professional must adequately respond to the situation, accumulate information and continue his/her work.

We offer services such as: 

ü Private consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services;

ü Interpretation of official events (forums, briefings,seminars,conferences, presentations, summits);

ü The presence of an interpreter at informal events (banquets, buffet receptions, etc.); 

ü Support of negotiations with foreign partners (business negotiations, meetings “without ties”, etc.).

Among our specialists there are experts not only in the most common languages, but also in rare, for example, Asian countries. When choosing an interpreter, we take into account the format of the upcoming event, its subject matter, venue, number of participants and much more. This allows you to achieve the desired result: to sign an agreement or a cooperation agreement, to obtain a loan permit, to move up the career ladder, or to hold a successful personal meeting.

Kinds of interpreting 

We use two translation methods:

  ü  consecutive;

ü  simultaneous;

The first is performed during special pauses of the speaker and is used when communicating with a small audience. In short breaks, the specialist tries to make notes for a more accurate reproduction of what was said.

If there are a lot of listeners, and the speech will be long, then simultaneous interpretation from English or another language comes to the rescue. It is performed almost simultaneously with the speaker's speech. At the same time, interpreters resort to the help of special audio equipment: headphones, microphones, sound system, interpretation booths. The linguist tries not to lose the pace, so he does not have time to deeply comprehend the subject of the conversation.

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