Types of Works

Thanks to our unique translation process system, we are able to perform large volumes of translation in the shortest possible time.

ü  Translation of standart documents in a short time

There are situations when the translation of documents is needed not just today, but within a few hours. For "Sapaly yollar" Translation Center urgency is not a problem. Over many years of experience, our agency has learned to translate standart documents in super-speed mode with hollow quality preservation.

ü  Urgent translation of texts of any subject

We are not surprised by the volumes, narrow topics, rare language, even when all of the above is combined in one order! We will always find an experienced specialist just for your situation. "Sapaly yollar" Translation Center has assembled a team of translators with specialized education who work 24/7. 

ü  Urgent translation of contracts

Do you have an international deal on which your reputation and financial health depend? We are ready to help with urgent translation of contracts. The documents will be adapted into a foreign language by legally competent specialists with excellent knowledge of the language and impressive work experience.

ü  Urgent translation of any documents

Over the years of conducting translation activities, we have formed a unique working system at IE "Sapaly Yollar", which has made it possible to reduce the translation time by more than 2 times. We value our reputation, so every day we improve our skills and carefully monitor that urgency does not affect on quality.

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