Types of Works

Currently the translation of personal documents is one of the most popular types of translation. Each of us at least once in our life faced the need to translate documents into foreign languages. They may be required when submitting documents to embassies and consulates for obtaining a residence permit, working overseas, surname change, solution of inheritance issues, etc. If the document is not translated into the language of the state in which it has to be submitted, it will not have legal force in this country. That is why the translation of personal documents is so important even the smallest mistake can cause problems with the execution of the necessary documents.

We make translation of the following personal documents:

- internal and international passports;

- marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate;

- employment book;

- diploma, certificate and their supplements;

- military card;

- police certificate, residence certificate, enrollment certificate, employment certificate, health certificate;

- CV;

- consent letter for children travelling abroad

- driving license;

- documents for apartment, land, car, etc.

We are ready to translate documents into different languages. High accuracy, speed and professionalism are guaranteed by our competent translators.

Our advantages

We give guarantee for the careful attitude and safety of all documents received from our clients. Our Translation Center has taken a leading position in the country within 6 years on the market. The prices for our services are maximum affordable. They are formed in accordance with the complexity of the task, urgency and the target language.

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